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fountain arts CIC is a creative arts project for everyone.


Our aim is to increase arts engagement in North Lincolnshire by using unused spaces for

projects, studios and learning. 

fountain arts
What's On


    Thu 06 Apr
    Multiple Dates
    06 Apr, 19:00 – 21:00
    fountain arts, Jubilee Way (The Parishes Shopping Centre) Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN15 6RB
    Are you creative? Come and meet other people who are creative too. Informal networking event to find like minded people to collaborate with and share ideas.
    Thu 20 Apr
    Multiple Dates
    20 Apr, 16:00 – 18:00
    Scunthorpe, Jubilee Way, Scunthorpe DN15 6RB, UK
    4 - 6PM We open our studios for a unique chance to meet with our creatives and see what they have been working on in our studios. This is a Free monthly event open to everyone. We look forward to meeting you soon!
  • Multiple Dates
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    28 Jul, 10:00 – 22:00
    Scunthorpe, Jubilee Way, Scunthorpe DN15 6RB, UK
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Handmade Library
Hannah Moulds Installation

Hannah Moulds: Triffids and the Reclaiming of Power


In an open space, there's a cage. Rubbery tendrils dripping down from the bars, it’s reaching towards you. Recent Goldsmiths MFA graduate, Hannah Moulds’s entrancing work She Stands Unrecognised By Them And Unconscious Herself Of Her Fantastic Power realises the vulnerability of humanness, drawing from personal experiences. Her latex sculptures strike conversation on caring, bringing it to its simplest form and divorcing it from all challenging contexts, it brings a comforting energy to what can oftentimes be a difficult conversation. Audio of wetness and warm lighting, or a lack of harshness, comforts in a somewhat surprising manner. The incorporation of the sculpture into the exhibition space and the interactability of the installation truly emphasises the infectious nature of the triffid-eqsue sculptures. 


The inspiration for Moulds’ installation is very visually present through the particular material of latex. Moulds has cited David Cronenberg’s visual style of practical effects as a key inspiration for the sculptures, such as the rubbery and wet look of iconic creatures such as Brundlefly. Moulds also cites the triffids from the post-apocalyptic science fiction novel The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham as inspiration for the natural shape of the sculptures. While the visual style is that of sci-fi horror, the underlying themes are what truly grip. In conversation with Moulds’, she spoke of how the sculpture, rather ironically, had grown into other topics; learning and accepting past events had seeped into her work. Initial interpretations of viewers are apprehension, latex and cold hard metal creates immediate bondage imagery, immediately sexualised. The process of caring for these triffid-like sculptures is burdensome, although it reflects back on Moulds’ self. Revising past events and now having to reassess the nature of a relationship, the personal connection between herself and the sculptures has visualised the curative process required. Being able to control whether the sculptures stay maintained gives a certain power balance between the artist's relationship with her art, she is learning to restore her power over what has been assumed as something else to the outsider. In other words, she truly is unconscious herself of her fantastic power. 

Hannah Moulds is soon to be exhibiting at The Art House from the 29th of March to the 13th of May 2023. 

Amy Stokes, 9th December 2022

The Fly (1986)

Wyndham, J. (1951), The Day of the Triffids.



But there was no monster living down the cellar

Hannah Moulds




Updated: 7 March 2023


Community Colouring Book

We are organising the creation of a colouring book as part of our ongoing Handmade Library project.


We need all creatives to contribute pages, which will be printed in uncoloured and coloured editions of the zine.


Who can apply:

All creatives in North Lincolnshire can contribute both digital and traditional drawings for our colouring pages, in any style and with any level of experience.


Colouring page specifications:

  • A3

  • Portrait orientation.

  • Black and white line-work.


To apply:


  1. Create a file size 3508 x 4961px, 300dpi.

  2. Or, download our template of the same size.

  3. Create work on the file, or insert previous work onto the file.

  4. Save as a pdf.

  5. Submit to



  1. Visit us in-person.

  2. Create the work at fountain arts, where you will be supplied with A3 paper, pens and pencils.

  3. Or, submit a piece from home on A3 paper.



31 March 2023

Lottie Thompson Community Colouring Book

Lottie Thompson, 2023. 





Updated: 24 February 2023


In August 2022 fountain arts opened on Jubilee Way in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. As part of our programme we invite proposals to use our project space. The project space has expansive windows, natural light, Wifi and busy footfall.


Every 3 months a community panel will select projects to develop with the creative person/people who proposed them.


Who can apply:

Anyone who is creative and works in any discipline, culture, and background in North Lincolnshire.


What can you do:

New, in-development or existing projects are welcome and will be funded by Gritcoin, unless other funding has not been secured. We want to help develop exciting and innovative projects and if your proposal is selected, fountain will work with you to make it a reality.


To apply:

1. Download our floor plan and budget template.

2. Use the form provided to write your proposal and attach the completed budget and floorplan to the form and click submit.

If this method is not accessible to you please contact so we can arrange for a verbal proposal in-person or online.


Next Deadline:

2 April Midnight





Our studios are accessible in exchange for money or time. 

You can book space daily, weekly or monthly based on your needs. 

Log-in/ Register and you can book a studio today. 

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