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5 April - 27 May 2023


Landmark, was a creative community project!

From April to May we made creative work about our local landmarks.

As part of this project we have started a community heritage wall. Our work experience students worked hard to place each photo geographically to form a map of North Lincolnshire in the past and we added photos of your towns, villages, workplaces and homes that you wanted to share. 

From our pictures we provided recycled materials for visitors to re-create their favourite landmarks in North Lincolnshire or design new ones. 


A landmark is something that you can see clearly that helps you know where you are. They can be a large building, an event, a discovery, an invention, emotional, social, and cultural, but all mark an important stage or moment.

North Lincolnshire has a unique spirit. Between the minds of the residents, a significance has been developed beyond the steel industry. The county has a higher concentration of landmarks than would be expected of somewhere built out of labour and metallurgy. Most of these landmarks are hidden behind a fortress of emotion and memory, kept safely in the mind.

It’s not often that the people of North Lincolnshire share their stories of our county, this exhibition made space for everyone to do just that. Capturing these landmarks to embrace the connection between residents, a connection unspoken, until April & May 2023. 

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