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Summer School Art Award Silver


In August / September 2022 fountain arts offered a four-week Summer school for Young Creatives aged 14-16 based in North Lincolnshire. 


Those taking part were required to review an arts event or experience to achieve their Silver Arts Award Their reviews are shared with you here (below).  

Our Young Creatives said their 3 favourite things about the Summer School were:

1.  It was fun

2. We got professional opportunities

3. Meeting other Young Creatives

Summer School was funded by Fuelled, as part of the Holiday Activity Fund (HAF) with North Lincolnshire Council.

The Day at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe by Persephone, aged 14.  

We looked at paintings and picked  paintings we liked and wrote about them which I picked Girl with a Placard and Freedom for One Should be Freedom for All.


Girl with placard

The girl with placard by Banksy is holding a sign. It reads Dear Santa I wish for a white xmas, an end to world hunger, poverty, animal cruelty and a set of Little Mix Dolls. She asks Santa for these things that she shouldn’t have to ask for like the end of world hunger and poverty which goes to show the little ones are going to make a difference and be more Educated to help others which is why I like this artwork even if that’s just how I see it. You may see it in a different way but that’s my opinion.

I love the details on the little girl’s clothes and how you can tell she’s wearing a scarf, coat and boots even in black and white. It looks like graffiti spray but the writing is so fancy. The little girl asks for snow and Little Mix dolls which I would think they don’t get much snow  and the Little Mix Dolls it’s been made when Little Mix was knew to people to get them to read the sign and show others.


Freedom for One Should Mean Freedom for All

I love the title of this work by Bambi because it makes you think of freedom and how everyone should have it, not just you or your friends. Everyone in the picture there is a girl holding a trident up to a bear that looks like it’s about to attack her. The bear and girl are black and white the background is Yellow and blue blended in which is beautiful and makes you want to go look at it like in draws you in. The bear could mean the government fighting the poor (the girl) or the other way around. But I’m not sure this picture is beautiful though and I love the title. This could be about Ukraine. ­ 

girl with a placard banksy.jfif
Freedom for One Should Mean Freedom for All. Bambi. Summer School
arts award trip to museum

North Lincolnshire Museum in Scunthorpe by Maja aged 14.  

I had so much fun watching Tracy Satchwills 'a home and a husband'. It is a video that has many cut out old magazine pictures and old photos on vibrant backgrounds that were animated so the collage came to life. at first the video was very calm as it shows everything in place and it has calm simple music, as the video continues it shows the “housewife” getting overwhelmed with her house work cooking, cleaning, looking after the children, and it slowly seems she’s gone mad; as In the video there’s cupcakes as faces that slowly stretch out and it becomes quite scary in my opinion.


I love the flashy vibrant colours they clash very well with the black and white photos and the vintage cut outs of old soaps, food etc. The music also helps as it created that build up and dramatic effect, the music also slightly speeds up creating that crazy feeling.

The Day at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe by Connor, aged 16.  

When I walked through the doorway separating the hallway to the main exhibition room, I was greeted by a cool atmosphere of a stone brick room. It was immediately, upon entering the gallery over greeted with various arts in main form graffiti style. Most of the pieces had a political or slightly meaning of the modern people’s expressive thoughts.


The layout was simple to understand and a short video on an artist being situated in an open space nearby. 3 dimensional pieces were central and well-presented, and you could find the artists name without much effort.


Have a nice day

This depicts an armed jeep accompanied by a wall as armed military personal all adorning a yellow smiley face mask. It shows the faceless and dehumanising of people when they are oppressed or used for oppression. The statement ‘Have a nice day’ is a mockery or light to the fact that people on both sides want.


The painting on a door ‘Hush’ depicts a mall blonde child holding and aiming a gun towards the viewer. The anime style is similar to that of Shonen jump style comics usually reserved for action or adventure manga in Japanese culture.

The way the child carelessly holds the viewer at gun point indicates the destination of children nowadays and the responsibilities they must bear at a young age.

The area around the character is almost static and continuously moving like a malevolent aura commonly seen in manga.


North Lincolnshire Museum in Scunthorpe by Isabelle aged 14.  

It was a very fun and educational experience to see Tracey Satchwill's work, her artworks are displayed by collage and painting. She used old photographs and other pictures to crest her work, by using old pictures it gives the feeling that it’s in the olden days, instead of now - which is very cool. In this painting the most common colour is yellow, this drawing represents cooking ; a pig in the middle of a pot with potatoes, peas and knives all around.


The colour yellow are used because it makes people think of food, and that is exactly what this drawing is giving off. The most detailed part of the drawing is the lace that runs across the painting like a frame for the bottom. Overall ( in my opinion ) this drawing feels like a peaceful spring cooking hour, with happy mood.

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