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OUT 2015 MB


Film depicting a fictional town based on Scunthorpe, Ashby and Barton Upon Humber

Release Date: 3.7.21


[Name of Contributor], asked to take part in the above production of a film.

1. That on signing this I have agreed that all or some of [Name of Contributor]’s recorded contribution can be included in this film and to the other points in this letter.

2. That the nature of the film which deals with creativity and the invention of alternative realities and histories.

3. That the artist does not have to use [Name of Contributor]’s recorded contribution, but if they do, they may fairly cut and edit it as the artist wishes and use it in any publicity for the film.

4. That I give all necessary consent for [Name of Contributor]’s recorded contribution to be used in all media anywhere in the world.



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